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VERYSOL is an all-in-one service provider, with everything needed to power facilities with clean solar energy. VERYSOL considers the entire project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of the system and our contract. We know every project is different and therefore is the in-house engineering team able to custom design solar systems, based on projected electrical consumption.
Solar Power Systems can be installed in almost all facilities and have the potential to satisfy all energy requirements, whether for Homes, Industries or Public Buildings. By calculating the energy demand of the facility can VERYSOL create systems that replace a generator completely, while adding benefits like lower operating costs, no noise, no pollution and value increase of the building.



Solar Off-Grid System

VERYSOL Solar Off-Grid System



Solar Off-Grid System with wind generator and solar hybrid system



Component Specification Description Pictures
Solar panel
Rated power: 130 to 245 Watt
Rated voltage: 12/24 Volt
Rated current: 6.7 to 16.8 A
Cell Efficiency: 12.5% to 15%
Technology: Silicon, Thinfilm
Working temperature: -40°C to +80°C
We offer different off-grid panels to meet all requirements of power output and handling. Flexible and standard panels are available, for integration in most facility structures. VERYSOL Solarmodul
Technology: Pure Sine Wave
Rated power: 1 to 24 KW
Max. power: 700 Watt
AC Out: 220 to 240 Volt
Working temperature: -20°C to +50°C
The inverter are multi functional and meet all requirements in different applications to give a full UPS solution. VERYSOL Inverter
Technology: OPzS, OPzV, AGM
Capacity: 60 to 9000 AH
Rated voltage: 12/48 Volt
Designed Lifetime: 6 to 15 years
Max. DOD*: 80%
These high quality batteries ensure an uninterrupted power supply and long life time up to 15 years. Different models are available. VERYSOL Battery
Rated voltage: 12 to 150 Volt
Rated power: 10 to 60 A
Protections: Overcharge, Deep-Discharge
The intelligent controller charges the batteries in the best and safest way to ensure a great life time and performance. VERYSOL Controller

*DOD = Depth Of DIscharge



Optional Description Pictures
GSM/GPRS remote control This application enables the customer to have remote access to the system, shut it off and on using a cell phone or computer. Alarm SMS can be send in case of unexpected operations. VERYSOL GSM/GPRS Fernsteuerung
GSM / GPRS electric meter This application can remotely shut off and on the system, while also enabling the customer to monitor energy consumption using a phone from any place in the world. VERYSOL Electric Meter
GSM/GPRS prepayment meter / electric meter The administrator of the Solar System can reload Smartcards with new credit, which the customer can load onto the electric meter to continue his electricity supply. VERYSOL Prepayment Meter

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