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Besides pure economic goals is VERYSOL interested to establish better living and working conditions for no or insufficient power supply. Social standards are strongly connected to the availability of energy and is therefore VERYSOL's major concern, as the energy supply and environmental protection is weak at many places in the world and needs to be widely enhanced.

Reaching poor people with energy products and services is a market that generates social and economic returns not only in the productive use, but also in the service supply. Where low carbon energy supplies are utilized, benefits are extended to environmental impacts.
Poverty remains the main barrier to access, for the people who currently lack energy services and supplies. But talking with communities in many countries whose lives are blighted by energy poverty, it is clear that lack of access to energy is also one of the main contributing factors to their poverty. Without the ability to use adequate, reliable, and affordable energy supplies of sufficient quality, enterprise activities of all types and sizes cannot thrive.

The implementation and usage of VERYSOL products will greatly reduce carbon emissions, noise pollution and risks of fire while using generator-sets. Inefficient generator-sets will be replaced by zero-emission solar power systems.